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The Capsium chinense however has a very different shape and other taxonomic characteristics, and the issue of classification is not completely clear. The word "piyali" is used in Sinhala any pod that splits into two. Carpels (4-) 5-15, 1-ovulate; styles slender, gynobasic, basally united. 2009) Mentha piperita (Peppermint, curled mint) saera-Minchi, Paparamintha Paparamintha Pudina Used in medicine and in flavouring of foods: * Peppermint (active ingredient: menthol) has a soothing effect on irritant skin caused by hives, poison ivy, or poison oak, insect bite. It is claimed that: "The fruit is much used in India as a liver and cardiac tonic, and, when unripe, as an astringent means of halting diarrhea and dysentery and effective treatment for hiccough, sore throat and diseases of the gums. The production would be six to eight tonnes per acre of land. Claims have been made that asparagus helps to reduce the risk of cancer and even aids. Jasmine essential oils are used to treat post-menstrual stress, uterine cramps. Carissa spinarum (Conksberry or Bush plum) Karamba, Heen karamba karamarda chirukila, sirukila toponyms Karambavila (Siruvilan) Karambapona (Karampon) Karambapitiya (Siruppiddy) Heen karamaba write up, national herbarium, The herberium website was established in 2004 Carmona microphylla - Heen Tambala - Carmona retusa. Kinihiriya, wael kinihitiya - - Also called ela-imbul, p119 Clough's dictionary. Xanthenes and tri-terpenes have been extracted from this trea components by Peradeniya University Researchers, some of them being our academic collegues.: Subadra Karunanayake, Subramanian Sotheeswaran,. Dioscorea Rotundata (African Disocora) Thambala - Kotakavalli, Urumpirei See write up on Dioscorea Alata Dioscorea pentaphylla,. Different parts of Barleria Cristata have been used traditionally for the treatment of variety of diseases including anaemia, toothache, cough and as a hypoglycemic agent.

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Dhammika Nanayakkara, Jianping Zhao, and Ikhlas. Much branched shrub, the lateral branches 4-gonous often ending in a sharp point;leaves simple, opposite, exstipulate, small Henna Plant Leea indica (Bandicoot berry) Image and description Burulla Image Chatri, Kukkurajihva, Samudraka- ottanali, niyakku, Nalawa An Ayurvedic medicinal plant. Sustainable biomass production by Gunathilake et al Saranga A multi-purpose tree legume, by Simmons and Stewart. Dyospyros wood species in SL For systematics of Diospyros, see Wallnofer: The Biology and Systematics of Ebenaceae: a Review Diospyros atrata Kalu Kenda - Gusvakendu Timber tree, Ebony family. Gloriosa superba (glory Lilly) Niyangala agnisikha- langali kalappaik-kilangu, kantal, Karthigai Place name: Niyagala veva (Niyankallikulam). "Sudu Handun" is Santalum album Rath Handun is applied as a paste to swellings, insect bites and dermatological conditions. When these are separated, the inner part has all the sensible qualities of real cinnamon, only more pungency, whilst the outer has scarcely either flavour or taste: and I am of opinion, that the allowing this cellular integument. This profuse bloomer has unusual spoon-shaped leaves, and its flowers are white with a yellow center. This "Indian Bay leaf" has a cinnamon flavour rather than that of the European bay leaf ( Laurus nobilis ). Plae bark, eaves simple, alternatewith stipules, 3,7-7.5cm long,1.5-2,5cm broad, and shaped like Tea leaves. It contains eugenol (as also found in cloves). Image and description - Capsicum annuum Malumiris katuvira- pittakarini milakai This a large "bell-pepper" used in Sri lankan cooking mainly as a stuffed-pper preparation, sometimes battered as in a "Bae Capsicum chinense (Birds-eye chili, Thai chili) Kochchi miris, cochchi miris. (see George Watt, A dictionary of the Economic Products of India, Vol.

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images itti, sisu valuable timber, "second to teak wood" Read about International Rosewood smuggling via Colombo port Images and write up Dalbergia pseudo-sissoo (Hornet. Catnip, like Maduru thala, repels mosquitos, and has many applications in herbal medicine. The word "curry used as Kari as well as Karu in the Tamil name, may have come from the Sanskrit "Kara-sharka and "kara-pathra". Images and write up Images etc. This flower is the official flower of the state of west Bengal. Gerald Peiris, there is a reference to Ocimum gratissimum in Somapala Wijewardenas's dictionary, stating that. Artocarpus AltilisArtocarpus mariannensisread about varieties of bread fruit See also. Nepeta Cateria (Catmint, Catnip) Write up and Images Gaeta minchi? Mentagrophytes) (El-Said. The prescribed dosage is usually one tablespoon, twice daily, or sometimes one. Woody, stalked, leafy annuals and short-lived perennials grows up to 2 meters in height. .

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It is related to the Oleander plant Kaneru but less poisonous. Fruit a smooth, bright red, ovoid to ellipsoid berry. Ratnasooriya et al have studied (2005) its use (common among by Buddhist monks) as a sedative: Sedative Effects of Hot Flower Infusion of Nyctanthes arbo-tristis. Its common names are: Bridal bouquet, White frangipani Pogostemon heyneanus, Gam Kollan-kola - kannokkikyacceti, katir paccai Pogostemon Patchouli is a variety of this plant, from which Patchouli is produced. Each village had its paddy fields ketha and its 'vaeva' (tank or reservoir kept under repair by community work and by 'Rajakariya' -.e., compulsory work for the 'king' run in a decentralized manner by the local 'Vel Vidhane' (director. Mesua ferrea Na, Naa nagakesarah- nagapuspa nangu, cirunakappu Naaoya (Peraru this is also sometimes referred to as the national tree of Sri Lanka, and is very similar to Messua nagassarium. There are many species of breadfruit. MacCarthy, wife of Colonial Secy, 1855, ( and. MacCarthy has a road in Colombo named after him.) See Christie Alwis: "beautiful Orchids Dendrocalamus strictus Solid Bambo or Calcutta Bambo, male Bamboo Synonyms: Bambos stricta Roxb. The bark is febrifuge, its juice kills maggots in foul ulcers. The sinhala name "Rae manamali" means, "bride of the night". For a picture of the betel leaf, with the "cobra-hood" or "naga-hood imprinted" leaf, see Betel leaf.