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When we go out to Sergels Torg at 5 oclock in the morning, I have a really strong idea what I want, but I am not exactly sure it is going to happen, and I dont want to plan too much. Thinking about this public stage. It is very important for me to relate what I do to people around. Being interested in all kinds of political and social movements, in counter cultures, and the way that one image or one person comes to represent this whole body. Emily Roysdon är en New York- och Stockholmsbaserad konstnär och skribent. But this is what I end up doing. She really thinks about the deepest practicalities of what it takes for a body to do something and that is a really fun way for me to think about the images that I would like to make. My process is very much based in language, and a project can really be born in the relationship between two words. But it is also much more practical about activating a certain vocabulary around work. Sense and Sense also became the gap between planned use and improvisation that I was most interested in for this project. Its about the conversations precipitated by the process of working together. Hon är även redaktör och en av grundarna till den queerfeministiska tidskriften och konstnärskollektivet lttr och ingår i bandet MEN. But what I see there now, the vernacular of it, everybody is just zigzagging across it and walking. ER: Yes, its funny because I think I use it very differently than other people do when talking about my work. Kim Einarsson: In your coming project for Konsthall C, you have been using Sergels torg as a starting point for your project.

lunch italienska umgänge nära malmö

respect for each others practice and process, and a sense of humor and adventure. Like when thinking about this project I do for Konsthall C, I actually go back to the place of Do I want to be an artist? During this project I was also re-reading Evictions by Rosalyn Deutsche and re-visiting a lot of essays on photography. ER: I can really agree with you, and I am not resolved about. For me, from here, from Ecstatic Resistance to social movement, its all about the way people move in political ways, in counter-cultural ways, in formal ways and conceptual ways. KE: As you mentioned earlier, you have curated a group exhibition where you developed the concept ecstatic resistance, which was also the title of the project. Especially the video, it doesnt work without her. I feel like my practice is very much about language and vocabulary. So I dont feel like people are not instrumentalized, because there is so much conversation. Roysdon har arbetat med förhållandet mellan användning och reglering av offentliga platser. But working within a interdisciplinary field, because I think that is what art is it is just an interdisciplinary field for. I like those kinds of relationships. ..

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Sense and Sense är ett projekt utvecklat på plats i Stockholm. ER: I have a lot of respect for Megans practice and also a little bit of fascination because I both identify with it and at the same time feel it so beyond myself in a way. Samtidigt; när man närmar sig själva platsen och tittar ner över räcket blir Sergels torg en panoptisk plats och en abstraktion. Dean klubb x betygsatt fitta i linköping Spade, an old friend, happened to be in town at the same time so I wrote him into the performance. It's a positive image for people, but coming from the outside and from a different system, it's also provocative. In particular I think Sense and Sense made sense for how I was thinking about Sergels torg as a utopian space, a practical site, an ideological location, and a representation of the city. And if she would be trained more than she is, it wouldnt work. ER: I dont use that word really, I much more prefer to use a vocabulary of movement annonser hotell eskort butt sex nära göteborg and choreography instead of performance and event. It is just in my nature not. KE: But would you say that both of you are the authors of this work? And it is not about being able to be bossy, but it is about figuring something out and improvising together. There is always something at risk in Megans work, both conceptually and physically. How did the collaboration between you and MPA come about? Konceptet presenterades i grupputställningar på Grand Arts i Kansas City och X Initiative i New York, curerade av Emily Roysdon. Hennes projekt inkluderar koreografi, fotoinstallationer, grafiska arbeten, video, text, curering av utställningar och olika samarbeten. I feel that these conversations really impacted how this work is going. Is everything used properly and what is proper use? Whats your take on choreography? The way an idea of 'free movement' and people demonstrating comes to be represented by an abstraction and in turn comes to represent the idea of the city.

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I dont like to work with the spectacle and the boundaries of performance, or at least how people commonly refer to the term like something starting and ending. I  think that understanding is part of the impulse to describe a movement, which is not something that I was trying to is a political desire. Hennes arbeten har bland annat visats på Whitney Museum, New York, Art in General, The Kitchen, Larissa Goldston Gallery, Higher Pictures, och 2010 Movement Research Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, Mexico. And what tools do I need to do that? Ecstatic Resistance is about the limits of representation and legibility the limits of the intelligible, and strategies that undermine hegemonic oppositions. ER: My own interests and passions share a vocabulary with the project, but the concept was a way of interacting with a set of ideas and potentials that I was experiencing in the worldI didn't develop. The other element of that video is me thinking about representations of groups. KE: Did your approach to the concept change during the time your worked with it? When Mouffee says 'sense and sense' she is talking about consensus and governing through avoiding conflicts.the agreement on what we can perceive and of the meaning of what we can perceive." When I first read these passages in her. And it is an inspiration, the vocabulary, the artists whom I relate the concept to and who I relate.

lunch italienska umgänge nära malmö

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But it is not exactly like I am the director or the choreographer and she is the performer. ER: At some point I thought, perhaps it is about a very specific cultural moment, but later I changed my idea and looked broader and eventually included people like Adrian Piper and Ulrike Ottinger, and thinking about related practices, but not from my generation specifically. Sense and Sense är Emilys Roysdons första utställning i Sverige. KE: When reading about your work, it is often said that you focus on choreography and political action. At that time I was working in a collective and really experiencing these things as well as thinking critically about them. I mean writing seems for me to be a very crucial way for me to learn and to make some things more concrete. I just think, this is a really interesting thing for us to do together. KE: In 2001 you, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and K8 Hardy founded lttr, which is a feminist queergender collective. The most important thing for me is the conceptual frame, the improvisation and the who am I doing it with. And is Chantal Mouffe and her ideas about a polemic public space an important inspiration for you?